The Ace Saloon

Welcomes you to

JSW's Cocktail Gala





Welcome to the McKesson Specialty Health Finance Team mixer and cocktail event, sponsored by Jennifer Smith Webster!  Relax, socialize with your coworkers and enjoy a cocktail, beer or wine (or all three!).

Jennifer and The Ace Saloon have selected a series of MCK-themed cocktails that should slake your thirst for the evening.  The bar is located in the kitchen for the evening - stop by as often as you like.  


Her Majesty's Secret FP&A Guy (Bond Martini)

Named for the Finance team's own Bond lookalike (the name is Mercer... CRAIG Mercer), this drink is sure to add mystery and intrigue to your evening.  Just like Craig!
vodka, gin, cocchi americano 

Urban Cowboy (Manhattan)

This one is named for the intrepid Jason Shook, who traded his MUNI pass for a pair of spurs and moved to Texas last year.  Be sure to ask Jason about his "Hard hat days and honky-tonk nights" tonight.   
rye whisky, sweet vermouth, bitters 

Didn't You Used To Be a Contractor? (Corpse Reviver No. 2)

This drink (and Layne) are here to prove that what is old can be new again.  A light, refreshing option for even the most cocktail-averse in the crowd.  
gin, orange curacao, cocchi americano, lemon 

Wastin' Away Again at 123 Mission-ville (Margarita)

Cue up the Jimmy Buffett folks, we're headed South of Market tonight!  Well... what the office lacks in sun & surf it makes up for with spacious cubes & white noise!  Seriously, this version of the margarita is sure to help you find that lost shaker of salt.
reposado tequila, orange curacao, lime, agave nectar 

The French Connection (St.Germain Cocktail)

I add this one at the behest of the boss, as this is one of Jennifer Smith Webster's favorites.  A sweet, sparkling cocktail that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  
elderflower liqeuer, white wine, sparkling water 


The Italian Job (Barrel-Aged Negroni

A wonderfully complex cocktail with bittersweet, smoky flavors that will have you coming back for more.
gin, campari, sweet vermouth - barrel aged 60 days

The Dude Abides (White Russian)

I forgot the McKesson theme here, but EVERYONE loves the dude so what the hell?  This drink is better than the one that your fraternity brothers used to make back in the day.
vodka, kahlua, cream