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About Me

I am not (and have never been) a bartender.  I am not a cocktail snob.  I am not a liquor retailer.  I am just a regular guy with a wife, a couple of kids, a mortgage and a passion for fine spirits and well-made cocktails.  

The Ace Saloon is the name of my fictitious home bar - named for my boyhood hero (pictured at right).  For the past couple of years The Ace Saloon has been where I have practiced the craft of making well-made cocktails - and consumed a few as well.  

There are thousands of websites and blogs out there covering food and making it easier for people to create and to enjoy well-made meals using fresh ingredients.  These sites, along with print, television and other media have moved people out of the frozen and processed food aisles of their grocery stores and into their kitchens to prepare quality meals.  Most people out there would agree that in today's world you need not be a chef to make a fresh, tasty meal for yourself or your family.    

So why not take the same approach with spirits and cocktails?  Bar and restaurant menus these days abound with fine cocktails.  But for most people at home beer or wine is the gold standard to serve with a meal or when entertaining.  Speaking from experience, most people have never tended bar and are afraid that they can't make cocktails like the ones served at the restaurant.  And those youthful memories of shooting some gut-rot tequila or whiskey tend to convince folks that they don't like or can't handle hard liquor.  

My humble aim in creating this site is to demystify home bar tending - call it home mixology - and to make it approachable to as many people (of legal drinking age) as possible.  I will do my best to cover the following on this site:

  • Home mixology concepts explained in straightforward manner;
  • Recipes for cocktails and for the mixers included within each cocktail;
  • Resources of where to find those hard-to-find spirits; and
  • Strategies for which spirits you might want to stock as you start and as you build out your home bar.

If all else fails then I should at least end up with an online repository for my cocktail recipes!

It should be said that there are hundreds of other blogs and websites that cover spirits and cocktails.  Many of which do a truly outstanding job.  I read these sites often, and if you find that you enjoy home mixology like I do then chances are good that you will want to read them too.  I will link to many of my favorite sites as I go.

Layne Martin